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All kidding aside, one of our colleagues at The Training Zone is known for saying "One minute of exercise is better than NO minutes of exercise."  If your schedule is so hectic you can't get into the gym, we urge you to take daily breaks from your routine (you can do this routine in five minutes).  While you won't get into the shape of your life, you will see benefits from these exercises:
Too Busy to Exercise?
1. Sit in your chair. Now stand up. Do it again! (You've just done squats!)
2. Do some pushups. Find a wall, countertop, floor, or modify by performing them on your knees.  Do SOME type of pushing motion!
3. Work your abs. You don't have to get down on the floor! Find a straight chair with good support. Sit straight up near the edge (not TOO near!) Keep your back flat and lean back. Now sit up. Now lean get the idea!
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