Tracy Argenziano has been certified by the American Council on Exercise since 2000, but has been putting fitness programs together for clients of all ages and fitness levels since 1996.  Throughout her years of experience she has worked closely with special needs clients, including those who wish to make the transition from physical therapy to a regular exercise program, as well as clients with cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, strokes, and a variety of injuries. 

The motivating factor behind Tracy’s success as a fitness instructor lies in her own personal journey:  Tracy knows the struggle to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. While she is an empathetic listener, she has a common-sense approach to solving problems.

In addition to her duties as a personal trainer, Tracy served as department supervisor for one of Tucson’s most successful women’s-only fitness centers.  She was responsible for hiring other caring trainers and ensuring they had the best training possible.

Tracy enjoys her career as a personal trainer and finds it very fulfilling to see her clients meet specific goals that they set.  She sees their success with the same excitement they do.  She looks forward to working with more clients and helping them to meet their goals, too.




Tracy Argenziano
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
since 2000
Your Journey to Fitness Begins Here
110 S. Kolb Rd.
Tucson, AZ  85710
520.344.FITT (520.344.3488)
[email protected]
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